Algoritmo de ConvexHull.

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 * Author: Johan Sannemo
 * Date: 2017-04-16
 * License: CC0
 * Source: Basic algorithm knowledge
 * Description:
Returns a vector of indices of the convex hull in counter-clockwise order.
Points on the edge of the hull between two other points are not considered part of the hull.
 * Status: tested with Kattis problems convexhull
 * Usage:
 * 	vector<P> ps, hull;
 *  trav(i, convexHull(ps)) hull.push_back(ps[i]);
 * Time: O(n \log n)
#pragma once

#include "Point.h"

typedef Point<ll> P;
pair<vi, vi> ulHull(const vector<P>& S) {
	vi Q(sz(S)), U, L;
	iota(all(Q), 0);                                                                                                                                                                         
	sort(all(Q), [&S](int a, int b){ return S[a] < S[b]; }); 
	trav(it, Q) {
#define ADDP(C, cmp) while (sz(C) > 1 && S[C[sz(C)-2]].cross(\
	S[it], S[C.back()]) cmp 0) C.pop_back(); C.push_back(it);
		ADDP(U, <=); ADDP(L, >=);
	return {U, L}; 

vi convexHull(const vector<P>& S) {
	vi u, l; tie(u, l) = ulHull(S);
	if (sz(S) <= 1) return u;
	if (S[u[0]] == S[u[1]]) return {0};
	l.insert(l.end(), u.rbegin()+1, u.rend()-1);
	return l;

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